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about mdi consultants

about us

mdi Consultants Inc., with 45 years of experience in FDA regulatory compliance to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and food industries, is a leading provider of regulatory compliance consulting, FDA consulting for quality assurance, as well as International medical device compliance, and clinical services to the healthcare industry.

mdi consultants services


mdi Consultants’ services are focused on assisting medical device companies, pharmaceutical manufactures, and food industry companies across the globe to help them achieve regulatory and standards compliance.

FDA updates and news

FDA updates

mdi Consultants takes pride on keeping up-to-date on all aspects of the international healthcare industry; and, in some cases, ahead of the industry. Our News and Information section, our Insights Reports, our FDA Updates, and our newsletter are no different.

food industry conslultants


mdi Consultants provide up to the minute E.U. and FDA consulting services, tailored to the medical device industy, IVDD, pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies, and the food, nutrition and nutritional supplement industries.

Important updates

FDA Annual Establishment Renewal and Drug Listing Certification

It Is That Time of the Year Again…

FDA Annual Establishment Renewal and Drug Listing Certification

The annual establishment registration renewal and drug listing certification period is now open and will close on December 31, 2023. This does not apply to private label distributors. You may submit a Blanket No Changes Certification of Product Listing if you are acting as an authorized agent for the registered establishment. (Please note: mdi has been providing this service for many of our clients. For Domestic companies their Off. Corresp. and foreign companies their US Agent and Official Correspondent.)

To keep establishment registration status current in 2024, FDA must receive notification that a firm’s registration information:

  1. is confirmed as accurate and no changes have occurred since the previous update,
  2. was updated, or
  3. will be de-registered as firm will cease operations.
FDA GUIDANCE For the Cosmetic Industry

For the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Effective December 2023

Being involved with all aspects of FDA compliance, for close to a half-century, we have speculated on when the Congress was going to give the FDA the authority to regulate the cosmetic industry. Recently, the FDA has recieved full autority to regulate the cosmetic industry as the FDA regulates the food, drug and medical device industries.

It is estimated that the new FDA Guidance for Cosmetic Manufacturers, and Distributors, will go into effect beginning December 2023.

The FDA Cosmetic guidance covers many areas of the cosmetic manufacturing and distribution, and should be looked at closely. The FDA provides guidance to the cosmetic industry, and other stakeholders, as to what constitutes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) for cosmetics. Also, this guidance revises the previously available “Cosmetic Good Manufacturing (GMP) Guidelines / Inspection Checklist” with new updates and clarifications based on recent FDA experience.

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mdi Consultants specialise in

US Agent

US Agent

All foreign establishments of medical devices, human and animal drugs, and biologicals who manufacturer any of these products must have a designated agent in the USA:

medical device manufacturers, human and animal drug manufacturers, biological manufacturers.

FDA Medical Devices Compliance

FDA Medical Devices Compliance

Our FDA compliance service line will get your products to market quickly and to maintain your FDA compliance status. mdi has helped hundreds of companies to achieve and maintain their FDA compliance.

Health Canada

Health Canada

mdi Consultants provides Health Canada Regulatory consulting services as it has extensive experience with various regulatory submissions to Health Canada and can assist with bringing your products to Canadian market: Medical Device Classification, Medical Device Licensing for class II, III and IV,  and more.

CE mark

CE mark

mdi Consultants can guide you to determine what is the best way to achieve a CE Mark and assist you through the entire process of securing it. We have helped over 100 companies successfully achieve the CE Mark. Our customer testimonials will provide you a glimpse of the experience of working with mdi on CE Marking.

NEW: Software Penetration Validation

mdi Consultants now offers software penetration testing to demonstrate full conformance with cybersecurity requirements under ISO 27001 and FD&C Act section 524B “Ensuring Cybersecurity of Medical Devices” for businesses engaged in software usage for their medical devices and other related regulatory products produced under ISO and FDA standards.

Medical devices commonly use cloud-based software, Bluetooth connectivity, and wireless remote controls as methods of operating the equipment and transferring data. These connections expose the devices to the possibility of outside interference, or hacking, which can result in device malfunction or control of the device passing to an unauthorized outside user.

Penetration test

Latest News from mdi Consultants

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Why choose mdi as your consultants?

We have worked with over 500 clients worldwide across the medical device, pharmaceutical and food industries. We have been in business since 1978. Our staff is comprised of former Quality Department Managers who understand your issues.
We have over 35 retainer accounts, of which 12 accounts have been with mdi for over 10 years Our full-time employees have been with mdi for an average of 13 years, which provides continuity and confidence to our clients; unlike other consulting firms where “associates” are brought on for 1-off projects
Fixed priced services – we provide you a pre-determined price for what we will deliver to you. If it takes longer than planned, mdi accepts the risk. You will know what the total project cost will be at the start of the project. Guaranteed 510(k) or ISO certification – we provide you a guarantee that you get 510(k) approval or first-time ISO certification, as long as you follow our recommendations and process

mdi Consultants by the numbers


Over 200 years of cumulative industry experience on staff


Helped over 500 companies achieve FDA compliance and/ or ISO certification


Successfully prepared and submitted over a 1800 510(k) applications


Earned a 100% success rate in first time ISO certification


Successfully assisted obtaining CE mark for over 1000 products


Successfully assisted obtaining CE mark for over 1000 products

Our Clients


To Whom It May Concern:

How does a small, growing business navigate the FDA medical device registration process?

Short answer – they really don’t, even after hours & hours of research!

mdi Consultants are not only super professional, expedient and amazing at what they do but they are also caring, real humans who made the process of registering our company and medical device with the FDA effortless for us.

Finding mdi Consultants is a great example of why we always look for people to join our Team that can do something we do even better – the mdi team is awesome at what they do and they understand (and patiently explain) the FDA system and processes.

Thank you, mdi Consultants 🙂

Holli Markwald, 
Prairie Wear Ltd.

Dear Alan,

We want to express our appreciation for MDI’s guidance and assistance in helping us achieve our MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) certification. At this time, the MDSAP process is very new to both the companies wishing to obtain certification and the auditors. Success is only possible with in-depth understanding of all MDSAP requirements and their complete implementation.

The MDI Consultant team worked closely with our staff throughout the entire process providing stable and consistent support. Though there were several unexpected obstacles along the way, you continued to work and support the FEI staff to achieve its goal.

MDI’s professional and timely commitment to helping us achieve the MDSAP certification goal is exemplary. We hope to continue to work with MDI to support the compliant operations of our quality system as well as for other future projects.

Elliot Goldbesrg, 
Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

Dear Alan,

We want to thank mdi for your assistance with the most recent FDA inspection of our facilities in Taiwan.

Your guidance and composed demeanor throughout the inspection demonstrated your extensive experience and expertise in navigating FDA inspections and working with FDA investigators.

The inspection results were outstanding, and we cannot imagine going through future FDA inspections without the support of mdi. We strongly recommend mdi to any organization seeking assistance with the FDA.

Once again, we express our gratitude for your exceptional expertise and experience in ensuring the success of the inspection.

Best regards,

Jonathan Cheng

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.
Taichung City, Taiwan