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Food Services

Consulting to the Food Services Industry

mdi Consultants, Inc., works with the food Services industry for compliance with FDA FSMA/ISO2200/BRC*/SQF/** AIB***

  • Perform a GAP analysis of the present quality system and determine what would be required to meet the ISO standards
  • Help with the formation of a project management team to handle this project
  • Outline the expected milestones and time frames for achieving the ISO/BRC or AIB certification
  • Train the team in the ISO requirements and expectations as well as the process for achieving certification
  • Assist in the customization of a quality system that meets with the ISO/BRC or AIB standards
  • Provide a list of required SOP/work instructions that would need to be prepared to assure quality of the products and operations
  • Assist with the HACCP training and process and required documentation
  • Assist with the implementation of the quality system
  • Once implemented audit the quality system and provide Corrective Actions for addressing deviations from the standards
  • Assist with the selection of the ISO certification body or BRC/AIB auditors
  • Conduct a pre-assessment audit to address all issues prior to the ISO/BRC or AIB audit
  • Be present during the ISO/BRC or AIB audit
  • Assist with addressing any observations found during the audit and outline the Corrective Actions

* BRC is the British Retail Consortium
** SQF is Safe Quality Foods
*** AIB is the American Institute of Bakeries

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